Pictures of Iqbal in Europe Centenary Conference


Mr Suheyl Umar, Dr Mai Yamani, Mr Dawer Tawfik, Prof. Saeed Durrani (award of Yamani Medallions at SOAS


Discussion panel at Cambridge


In front of Iqbal's old residence (1905) : 17 Portugal Place, Cambridge.
(L to R). Dr Jagjit Singh Taunque, Prof. Vito Salierno, Mrs Taunque, Mr Aslam Kamal, Prof. Saeed Durrani, Prof. Akhlaq Asar, Dr Rafi-ud-Din Hashmi, Mr Farooq Sagher
Outside the Main Gate of Trinity College Cambridge. (L to R). Mr & Mrs Murawat Hussain, Mrs Tawfik, Mr Dawer Tawfik, Mr & Mrs Makhdoom Chishti. 

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